A new way to develop Flutter Apps


Core featues

Seamless integration

The IDE is one with the code

Run everywhere

Desktop, Mobile or Web - it's all going to be possible

Build for efficiency

Update values in real time

Made to improve - not replace

Embraces to power of the code

Seamless Integration and stateful editing

No need to annotate source code or use any predefined structure - just open up the file containing the widget and start editing!

Runs everywhere

Due to this being written in Flutter and architectures using a server - client approach it can run anywhere in any configuration. Run it on PC, Linux, Mac your iPad/ Phone or even the web. Dragging widgets on the phone and changing values on the PC.

Built for efficiency

A quick feedback loop boosts productivity by a lot - that’s why all possible values can be live-reloaded. Play around with different sizes and color with one continuous slider instead of discrete reloads.

Made to improve - not replace

This is not intended to be a replacement for Flutters awesome way of writing UI’s. Rather - it is a way to speed up the process. That’s why I aim to output professional quality code in every situation. Don’t wanna build you whole app using drag& drop? No problem - just build one widget and continue working on it in code!


Is this production ready?

No. This is just a demo of what it might look like in the future.

Why are there widgets missing?

A lot of stuff is missing, especially widgets that's because I'm still refining the architecture and less widgets mean less work for the time being. Once things become stable you can expect to see all possible widgets (and custom ones) to be available. You also might encounter a few bugs, feel free to report them to me.

What can you do to make this happen?

I believe this could be a huge thing - but I need feedback.

Before diving in heads deep into this project (what some argue I already have) I need to find out whether people are actually interested in this.

For that purpose, I made the current demo available to download and play around with. But please keep in my, it's just a demo. There are a few bugs in it and it's nowhere near finished.

If you do like this project or have feedback please let me know on Twitter, through an e-mail or other communication channels. The more feedback I get the better I can make an informed decision about the future of this project.

Download and play around with it yourself

Download Now

Just download widget-maker.zip, unpack it and run "run.bat"

If it's not working try installing the C++ runtime files (https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/vc_redist.x64.exe)

Feedback? Yes please!

Any sort of feedback is appreciated. My main intention with this early release is to know if please are as excited as I am - so let me know!